Bypassing the Free Trial of Internet Hotspot of Thapathali Campus

   A regular student of Thapathali Campus ? You might have used internet there. You might know about the limitation of internet accessibility there. You might know that the internet is accessible only once for less than 30 minutes. The campus provides every device with a free trial to access and use internet during office hours.

Here, what actually happens is, you must know every device has a unique MAC Address. The campus actually provides internet to the devices on the basis of their MAC Address. Once the device is connected to the internet via free trial, details of the device will be stored on the server. The device can access internet for limited period of time. After 30 minutes, the free trial will be expired. After the expiration, you won't be able to use the internet with the same device again.

How to bypass ?

In order to bypass the free trial, we will be using a feature that most of the devices are packed with. MAC Randomization feature is the feature that will help us to bypass the free trial limitation of the internet hotspot.

When you click on the Wi-Fi network ' TEC ' to connect, it gets connected but with no internet. To get connected to the internet, one needs to sign in the network using Username and Password (will be provided soon by the campus). For now, one has to use the free trial option. But after 30 minutes, the free trial will be expired. And when you try to use the free trial again, the option will be no longer available there.

Once expiration, all you need to do is forget the network. Now, connect to the network again, head to advanced settings, scroll down, on clicking Privacy, you will see two options i.e Use Randomized MAC and Use Device MAC. All you need to select ' Use Randomized MAC ' which will randomize your device's MAC Address whenever it connects to the network. For more effective randomization of MAC Addresses, you need to enable Developer Options and enable Wi-Fi enhanced MAC Randomization.

After following all the steps, when you connect to the network and try signing in, you will see the free trial option being reappeared there. When you click on the free trial option, you will be connected to the internet again. Enjoy !

In this way, you can easily bypass the free trial and use the internet unlimited times.