Unleash Digital Bliss: Free 2TB Google Drive Storage with Google One! Elevate Your Digital Experience

Embark on a Digital Odyssey: Unleash the Power of Premium with Google One's Free 2TB ! Elevate your digital realm, indulge in boundless storage, and seize exclusive perks. It's more than a trial, it's a journey to redefine your online experience. Ready to dive into a world where possibilities are limitless? Let's make it happen!

Today, on 27 Jan 2024, on the occasion of my birthday, Google gifted me 2TB storage in my google drive. Haha, just joking, i got the 2TB on Google Drive for free. In this post, i am gonna explain how i got the awesome subscription for free.

It's actually a free trial of Google One for around 184 days. For subscribing to the trial, you will need credit card or debit card details, don't worry. We will use the generated card details. For generating and validating the card details, we will need a working BIN, credit card generator website and generated card details validator. Everything is listed below :

BIN : 515462002xxxxx

CC-Gen Website : Click me

CC Checker : Click me

When you are ready to go, head to the cc-gen website, paste the BIN, you can change the number of cards you want to be generated, for faster generation, leave it to default (10), then hit the Generate Cards button.

When the cards are successfully generated, click the Copy Cards to copy all the cards' details. Then head to CC Checker website, paste all the card details you just copied. Wait until any of the cards are under Live section, then copy any of the card detail ( includes the expiry date of the card and the CCV ) and head to this link, select the first option ( Add card details ) then you will be asked to enter the card details and some personal informations like name, address, postal code, etc. Enter all the details of the card you just copied and hit the save button to save all the information.

If this appears :

 You are good to go, you are few inches far to feel the awesomeness. If this doesn't appear, try with other card details which are live. Then, hit the subscribe button to get the subscription.

Now, you will get the email that you have subscribed to the Google One. Congratulations !!!

If you see the profile picture of your google account, an another border representing Google One will be added to the profile picture, that's too a sign that you are subscribed to Google One. Now, open the Google Drive and see the storage section, you must be amazed to see the 2TB storage which you can use to upload various files, documents to a greater extent.

Thank you !!!