Get a cool looking "" free domain for portfolio website

 Thanks to the founders of, you can get a sweet-looking “” subdomain for your personal website for free!

Setting it up is pretty easy, you just need to host your website on a web hosting service and then you can link your website to your “” subdomain! You can host your websites on GitHub Pages, Cloudflare Pages, or any hosting service “except” Vercel and Netlify, because the domain will encounter an SSL certificate issue when using these services and neither of them will work.

I have hosted my portfolio in GitHub Pages and is using "” as the domain.

Here are the instructions to get your own “” subdomain:

1. First, fork this repository: GitHub - is-a-dev/register

2.Next, add a new file in domains/ folder named as your-domain-name.json for registering a website with domain as

To see the format of Domains JSON file, see the docs here :

 Here are some examples of a JSON file for registering your website:

HERE - For CNAME field,

HERE - For URL field,

HERE - For A Record field

3.Now, create a Pull Request to the is-a-dev/register repository with the new file and wait for the PR to be merged.

After the merge, the changes will take effect within one day. Done, now you can visit your cool “” domain! Now, if you want to edit your website’s details, remove it or anything related like that, you can create a PR for the same.

Or, you can use their dashboard to automatically fork the repository and create a Pull Request with desired records.

Just login using GitHub, type the subdomain you want, provide the records. The PR will be automatically created, just wait for the PR to be merged. Enjoy your cool looking domain.